Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin)

Casares · Costa del Sol
6 luxury villas
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Six exclusive villas can be purchased in the luxury resort “Finca Cortesin” in Casares thanks to the “Caledonian Cortesin” project. The hillside villas, designed by architect Marcio Kogan and created by Studio MK27, not only impress with their unmistakable appearance, but also with their high-quality furnishings. On a plot of around 1,800 square metres each, the villas with three or four bedrooms and a living space of approximately 450 square metres have been built according to the highest quality criteria and energy standards.

On the ground floor, for example, there are three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms with bathtub and shower, another bathroom with free access and a laundry room. On the upper floor, there is an open-plan kitchen with a large dining area, a living area and the master bedroom with en suite bathroom – also with a bathtub and shower. All rooms on the upper floor offer access to a fantastic terrace from where you can enjoy the view over the Mediterranean Sea.

The kitchen is fully equipped with an extra large cooker, oven and refrigerator. It has either an ultra-modern and sculpture-like aluminium front or it can be kept more in a country house style. In the bathrooms, you have a say in the colour scheme.

Other special highlights are the pool and the garden. The pool is cleaned by electrolysis technology, so there is no need for chlorine. Landscape architect Isabel Duprat has ensured that the villas blend skilfully into the surroundings.

We would be happy to arrange a viewing appointment for you, where you can convince yourself of the other advantages of the villas in the Caldeonian Cortesin collection.

Your investment in Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin)

Why you should choose for “Caledonian Cortesin”
Excellent location
The villas “Caledonian Cortesin” are located between Marbella and Sotogrande at the Finca Cortesin luxury resort. Here you can benefit from amenities such as a beach club, a spa and restaurants.
Golfers’ paradise
The golf course “Finca Cortesin” is considered very popular. It has already been voted one of the best golf courses in Spain by the magazine “Golf Digest”. It is also the venue for top-class tournaments.
More life and style
Whether it’s an excursion to the Playa de las Piedras de la Paloma, to the Sierra Crestellina Nature Park or to one of the marinas – you benefit from numerous and varied leisure activities in the immediate vicinity.
Pleasant climate
The sun shines on the Costa del Sol more than 300 days a year. So you can walk on the beach, hike or play golf almost all year round or pursue other leisure activities, away from the hectic tourist centres.

Where is „Caledonian Cortesin“?

The luxury villas “Caldeonian Cortesin” are located in the luxury resort “Finca Cortesin” between Marbella and Sotogrande. They are close to the beautiful mountain village of Casares. In your villa you will enjoy the seclusion. At the same time, you have the opportunity to pursue numerous leisure activities in the immediate vicinity. For example, you can reach the beach in about 5 minutes by car and the cities of Estepona and Marbella are about 15 and 35 minutes away respectively. The airports of Gibraltar and Málaga can also be reached in about 40 and 60 minutes respectively.

Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin)

FAQs about Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin)

What is Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin)?

Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) represents a collection of six luxury villas located within the distinguished resort “Finca Cortesin” in Casares, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and energy efficiency.

Where is Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) located?

The villas of Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) are situated between Marbella and Sotogrande in the luxury resort “Finca Cortesin”, a short distance from the scenic mountain village of Casares.

How large are the villas within Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin)?

Each villa in Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) spans a plot of around 1,800 square metres with a living space of roughly 450 square metres, boasting either three or four bedrooms depending on the design.

What are the architectural and design highlights of Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) villas?

Designed by Marcio Kogan and crafted by Studio MK27, the hillside villas of Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) impress with their distinctive appearance, high-quality fixtures, and blend seamlessly into their surroundings, thanks to landscape architect Isabel Duprat.

Can you describe the interior features of a typical villa in Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin)?

Inside a Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) villa, you’ll find three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms on the ground floor, an open-plan kitchen on the upper floor complemented by a large dining and living area, and the master bedroom with its own bathroom. All rooms on the upper floor provide access to a stunning terrace with Mediterranean Sea views.

What unique kitchen and bathroom features does Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) offer?

Kitchens in Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) villas are fully equipped with large cookers, ovens, and refrigerators, and can be designed with an ultra-modern aluminium front or in a country house style. In the bathrooms, owners can influence the colour palette.

How is the outdoor area of the Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) villas designed?

Villas in Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) boast an electrolysis technology-cleaned pool, eliminating the need for chlorine, and gardens that are expertly landscaped to blend with the natural environment.

What makes the location of Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) so ideal?

Positioned at the Finca Cortesin luxury resort between Marbella and Sotogrande, the Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) villas offer access to amenities such as a beach club, spa, restaurants, and the esteemed “Finca Cortesin” golf course.

How accessible are other attractions and amenities from Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin)?

Residents of Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) can reach the beach in approximately 5 minutes by car, with the cities of Estepona and Marbella being about 15 and 35 minutes away, respectively. The airports of Gibraltar and Málaga are also conveniently located around 40 and 60 minutes away.

What security and technological features are included in the Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) villas?

Villas in Caledonian Cortesin (Finca Cortesin) come equipped with modern amenities like biometric access control, video surveillance, air conditioning, underfloor heating, and rooms that are flooded with natural light.

Equipment at a glance

Rooms flooded with light
Air conditioning
Walk-in showers
Underfloor heating
Biometric access control
Video surveillance
Golf course

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