Discover Exceptional Estepona Apartments for Sale

Finding your dream home on the Costa del Sol has never been easier with our extensive selection of Estepona Apartments for Sale. At newEstepona, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive portfolio, offering the finest new build apartments, townhouses, and villas to suit every budget and lifestyle.

Why Choose Estepona Apartments for Sale?

When searching for the perfect property on the Costa del Sol, Estepona Apartments for Sale stand out for many compelling reasons.

Variety of Options

Estepona Apartments for Sale cater to diverse needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a cosy two-bedroom flat or a spacious penthouse with stunning sea views, newEstepona offers a wide range of options. From affordable units under €200,000 to luxury apartments that cost several million euros, you’re sure to find an apartment that fits your requirements perfectly.

Prime Locations

Estepona Apartments for Sale boast excellent locations, both in Estepona and its neighbouring towns like Casares, Marbella, Benahavis, and Manilva. With close proximity to stunning beaches, top-rated golf courses, and other recreational amenities, these apartments offer an unbeatable blend of tranquillity and convenience.

Modern Amenities and Design

The Estepona Apartments for Sale come with a host of modern amenities to ensure a comfortable lifestyle. Spacious layouts, state-of-the-art kitchens, and communal facilities such as swimming pools and gardens are standard features. Additionally, most apartments embrace a contemporary design that captures the spirit of modern Mediterranean living.

Comprehensive Service

When you opt for Estepona Apartments for Sale through newEstepona, you’re not just acquiring a property; you’re also getting a team of professionals ready to support you. From the initial contact, through the purchase process, and even post-sale, newEstepona’s team, along with a vast network of partners including lawyers, tax consultants, and craftsmen, provide a full-circle service to make your buying experience hassle-free.

Whether you’re seeking a second home, a retirement haven, or a promising investment, Estepona Apartments for Sale offer something for everyone. Trust in the expertise and vast portfolio of newEstepona to guide you towards finding your dream apartment in Estepona. Start your search today, and let us help you make Estepona your home.

The Highlights of Estepona Apartments for Sale

When choosing from the array of Estepona Apartments for Sale, it becomes evident that these properties offer more than just a place to live; they provide an enhanced lifestyle marked by luxury, convenience, and beauty. Here are some of the highlights that make these apartments highly sought-after.

Unparalleled Sea Views

One of the standout features of many Estepona Apartments for Sale is their fantastic sea views. From your balcony or terrace, you can witness the majesty of the Mediterranean Sea, turning your home into a peaceful retreat.

Access to Estepona’s Vibrant Lifestyle

Estepona is renowned for its delightful combination of traditional Spanish charm and modern living. Owning one of the Estepona Apartments for Sale places you at the heart of this vibrant lifestyle, with easy access to Estepona’s gorgeous beaches, charming old town, marina, and array of dining and shopping venues.

High-quality Construction

Estepona Apartments for Sale are known for their quality construction and modern designs. These properties are built with high standards of workmanship and include features like energy-efficient systems, high-end fixtures and fittings, and generous living spaces.

Investment Potential

The Estepona real estate market has been steadily growing, making Estepona Apartments for Sale a potentially lucrative investment. Whether for rental income or capital appreciation, these properties offer exciting possibilities for investors.


Estepona Apartments for Sale, offered by newEstepona, are more than just homes; they represent a lifestyle marked by comfort, luxury, and the charm of coastal living. With a wide range of properties catering to various needs, top-notch locations, modern amenities, and complete purchasing support, your dream home in the sunny Costa del Sol is within reach. Explore the Estepona Apartments for Sale and let newEstepona guide you towards making one of the best decisions of your life.

FAQs about Estepona Apartments for Sale

What types of new build apartments are available for sale in Estepona?

In Estepona, you can find a range of new build apartments, from compact and cozy studio apartments to expansive penthouses with multiple bedrooms. Many of these apartments offer modern amenities and facilities, including private terraces, communal pools, and underground parking.

What are the price ranges for new build apartments in Estepona?

The price for new build apartments in Estepona varies widely, depending on factors like location, size, and the type of facilities on offer. Generally, they can start from the lower hundred-thousand euro range and can go up to a million euros for luxury penthouses.

What does the process of buying a new build apartment in Estepona involve?

The buying process involves identifying a suitable property, reviewing the purchase agreement, arranging for financing if necessary, and finally closing the deal. Our experienced real estate team can guide you through each step of this process.

Are there any benefits to buying a new build apartment in Estepona?

Yes, new build apartments typically come with modern designs, high-quality finishes, and updated appliances. Many new build properties in Estepona are also part of developments that offer shared amenities like swimming pools, gardens, and fitness centers.

How is the real estate market for new build apartments in Estepona?

The real estate market in Estepona continues to be strong, with a steady demand for new build apartments due to Estepona’s attractive lifestyle, beautiful environment, and excellent location on the Costa del Sol.

Can I rent out my new build apartment in Estepona?

Yes, Estepona is a popular tourist destination, and there is a high demand for rental properties. As a property owner, you can choose to rent out your apartment when you are not using it.

Is it possible to get a mortgage for a new build apartment in Estepona?

Yes, it is possible to secure a mortgage for buying a new build apartment in Estepona. Spanish banks typically offer mortgage loans to both residents and non-residents, although terms and conditions may vary.

What kind of views do new build apartments in Estepona offer?

Many new build apartments in Estepona offer stunning views. Depending on the location of the apartment, you could enjoy vistas of the Mediterranean Sea, the beautiful Estepona mountains, or the lush greens of nearby golf courses.

Are there new build apartments in Estepona located near the beach?

Yes, Estepona has a beautiful coastline, and there are several new build apartment developments situated close to the beach. These properties provide residents with easy access to the sea and often offer spectacular sea views.

What services are available to help me find a new build apartment for sale in Estepona?

Our team of experienced real estate professionals can provide a comprehensive service to help you find the right new build apartment in Estepona. This includes understanding your preferences, conducting tailored property searches, and assisting with the purchase process.