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Through our own online marketing, every month we are meeting new clients for new developments who are also interested to resale properties. This is why our client data base keeps growing and has a wide reach into a high-value target group.

Our partner company “realEstepona” with focus on existing properties offers additional marketing opportunities for a timely sale.

Professional marketing for selling your property

You determine the type and scope of our services. We provide individual packages ranging from only a marketing support to complete sales support including all services up to a professional after sales service.

We adapt our service package to your wishes. Whether photographer, agent, marketing expert or lawyer – we organize our team according to your requirements and offer a professional all-round service with clear communication.

Personal and in communication

Homeowners keep telling us that often they do not receive any feedback from other agencies about the marketing of their property. We therefore follow a communication concept that keeps you constantly informed about the latest status of your marketing.

After a viewing, you will always receive feedback from us about the progress of the viewing and whether there is an intention to purchase. Furthermore, we inform you regularly about the overall situation on the local real estate market in Estepona and the surrounding area.

Determining the right price

Thanks to our many years of market knowledge and the use of state-of-the-art analysis software, we are able to determine a realistic price for your property and reduce the marketing time to a minimum.

In many cases agencies promise a too high sales price, which leads to the fact that the property cannot be sold. Especially in the Spanish market the buyer is usually well informed due to the high transparency of properties and can see the prices for comparable properties.

Our packages for sellers

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Just Lawyer *

We recommend an excellent lawyer who will take care of the following: checking the documents, energy certificate, reservation contract, purchase contract, notary, taxes and more.


Just Marketing

You fill in all your details to market your property and we will promote it on our platform, via Google Ads, on our social media channels and via E-Mail-Marketing


Lawyer * & Marketing

A combination of the two packages “Just Lawyer” and “Just Marketing”


Agents & Marketing

The “Just Marketing”-package plus inseration on the biggest networks and platforms to share your property with all the agents out there.


Private Agent

We introduce you a professional agent who will take care of you, your paperwork and all your needs. This package includes the “Agents & Marketing”-package – so the premium marketing and the platforms are included.


Private Agent & Lawyer

If you want the best combination for service and security we recommend this package which combines “Just Lawyer” and “Private Agent”.

* The percentage refers to a minimum sales price of € 200,000.

About us

In Estepona we have found a place with a special quality of life. The climate, the Spanish culture, a variety of leisure activities and an international community offer a unique attitude to life throughout Europe.

With many decades of real estate experience our team will find the right property for you. From the first contact through all administrative procedures to the final notary appointment we are a reliable partner on your side.

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