Alcazaba Lagoon

Casares · Costa del Sol
1,4 hectare blue lagoon, 40.000 m² exotic gardens, 78 exclusive apartments
Purchase prices from € 259,000

Unique: The lagoon

Alcazaba Lagoon is unrivalled on the Costa del Sol with a total of 1.4 hectares, excellent water quality and numerous leisure opportunities. Here not only connoisseurs and sun lovers will find a paradisiacal oasis far away from tourism, but also water sports enthusiasts will find attractive offers – from kayaking, paddling or sailing to wind or kite surfing. For swimmers there are also three separate areas for bathing with the whole family or the daily training session.

With their spacious living rooms, large balconies and terraces, the high-quality apartments offer a Mediterranean living feeling and meet even the most demanding requirements in terms of luxury and quality.

Your investment in Alcazaba Lagoon

Why you should choose a residence in Alcazaba Lagoon
Excellent location
In addition to its idyllic location near the mountain village of Casares, the lagoon offers ideal connections to airports, golf courses, restaurants and numerous amenities for daily needs.
Attractive price
Properties of high quality are currently in high demand throughout the Costa del Sol. Apartments in Alcazaba Lagoon offer an optimal price/performance ratio.
More life & style
The 1.4-hectare lagoon and the large tropical gardens create a multitude of opportunities for sports and relaxation and thus a great plus in quality of life.
Andalusia´s sun
Far away from hectic tourist centres, residents enjoy their private paradise in a sunny and mild climate all year round and can golf, hike or walk on the beach almost all year round.

Where is Alcazaba Lagoon?

Embedded in the hilly landscape of Andalusia near the mountain village of Casares, Alcazaba Lagoon offers a paradisiacal quiet location on the one hand and an ideal connection to all amenities of everyday life. While the picturesque village centre of Casares with its numerous small shops, boutiques and restaurants can be reached on foot in just 20 minutes, larger shopping malls, cultural attractions and other shopping facilities in the surrounding towns of Estepona and Marbella are only a short drive away.

Alcazaba Lagoon

FAQs about Alcazaba Lagoon

What makes Alcazaba Lagoon unique among the residential options in Costa del Sol?

Alcazaba Lagoon is unrivalled in the Costa del Sol due to its vast 1.4-hectare blue lagoon and 40,000 m² exotic gardens. The lagoon offers not only a paradisiacal oasis for relaxation but also numerous water sports opportunities, which makes it a unique option for both leisure and lifestyle.

How many apartments are available in Alcazaba Lagoon, and what are their sizes?

Alcazaba Lagoon boasts a total of 78 high-quality apartments. These apartments offer spacious living rooms, large balconies, and terraces, fulfilling even the most demanding requirements in terms of luxury and quality.

What leisure activities can I enjoy at Alcazaba Lagoon?

Alcazaba Lagoon offers a variety of leisure activities. For water sports enthusiasts, there are attractive offers from kayaking, paddling, sailing to wind or kite surfing. There are also three separate areas for swimming, whether for family fun or daily training.

How much does an apartment in Alcazaba Lagoon cost?

The purchase prices for the exclusive apartments in Alcazaba Lagoon start from € 555,000. Considering their high quality and the unique amenities offered, these apartments present an optimal price-performance ratio.

What kind of climate can I expect at Alcazaba Lagoon?

At Alcazaba Lagoon, residents enjoy the sunny and mild climate of Andalusia all year round. Far away from the bustling tourist centres, residents can enjoy activities such as golf, hiking, or walking on the beach almost throughout the year.

Where exactly is Alcazaba Lagoon located?

Alcazaba Lagoon is located in the beautiful hilly landscape of Andalusia, near the mountain village of Casares. While the village centre of Casares can be reached on foot in just 20 minutes, the larger towns of Estepona and Marbella, offering shopping malls, cultural attractions and other facilities, are only a short drive away.

Can you describe the community and surrounding areas of Alcazaba Lagoon?

Alcazaba Lagoon is nestled near the idyllic mountain village of Casares. Its location offers ideal connections to airports, golf courses, restaurants and everyday amenities. Moreover, the residents can enjoy the multitude of opportunities for sports and relaxation offered by the 1.4-hectare lagoon and large tropical gardens.

What amenities are included with an apartment in Alcazaba Lagoon?

Apartments in Alcazaba Lagoon come with air conditioning, central heating, satellite-TV, marble bathrooms, and lifts. Additionally, each residence has access to an exclusive lagoon, small buildings, an underground car park, and storage rooms.

What water sports are available at Alcazaba Lagoon?

At Alcazaba Lagoon, water sports enthusiasts can enjoy a range of activities such as kayaking, paddling, sailing, wind or kite surfing. Additionally, the lagoon has three separate areas designated for swimming.

What measures have been taken for the residents’ comfort in Alcazaba Lagoon?

Alcazaba Lagoon has been designed with the utmost comfort of residents in mind. This includes amenities like air conditioning, central heating, and marble bathrooms in each apartment. Moreover, the properties have been integrated harmoniously into the natural surroundings to ensure residents can enjoy the stunning landscape of Andalusia.

Equipment at a glance

Air conditioning
Central heating
Building Services
Marble bathrooms
Small buildings
Exklusive Lagoon
Underground car park
Storage rooms

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