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Estepona · Costa del Sol
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Purchase prices from: € 184,800

Sun, city and beach


In Estepona arises with “Atica Homes” a residential complex with seven blocks. Attractive new apartments with one, two, three or four bedrooms will be built in these blocks. The apartments, ranging in size from 40 to 110 square metres (floor space), all have a terrace and a parking space in an underground garage.

However, the floor plans of the apartments differ – depending on their size. The two-bedroom apartment, for example, has a bathroom en suite, another bathroom that can be reached via the hallway, an open-plan dining/living area and a terrace.

In the three-bedroom apartment, there is also a bathroom en suite and a bathroom accessible from the hallway. The kitchen, however, is closed. Furthermore, the apartment has a living/dining room from which you can access your large terrace.

Among the amenities of the “Atica Homes” residential complex are the gardens, a pool and a playground. Both the city centre and Playa de la Rada are within walking distance, in less than 15 and 25 minutes respectively.

Your investment in Atica Homes

Why you should choose for “Atica Homes”
Perfect location
Whether city, beach or supermarket – from your future apartment Atica Homes you can walk to all these destinations in a short time during your holiday and get to know or rediscover Estepona.
Cheap to have
The cheapest apartment can be had for € 184,800. So even with a relatively small budget you can make your dream of a holiday property on the Costa del Sol come true and live in the property yourself or rent it out.
To ensure that your future apartment is optimally tailored to you, you have several options to choose from. For example, you can choose between two options for the floor covering and the colour scheme.
For sun worshippers
The sun shines 320 days a year on the Costa del Sol. This makes the region a popular travel destination not only in summer, but also in spring, autumn and winter and attractive for apartment renters.

Where is Atica Homes?

The Atica Homes apartments are located very close to the Estadio de Fútbol Francisco Muñoz Pérez in Estepona. Since both the beach and the town are within walking distance, the apartments are not only suitable for own use, but also for renting to holidaymakers. Enjoy the low waves, the clean beach and the extensive range of services at Playa de la Rada or pay a visit to the beautiful old town. If you would like to make excursions to Marbella or Benahavís, you are also not far away. It takes about 25 minutes by car to get there.

Atica Homes

FAQs about Atica Homes

What is “Atica Homes”?

“Atica Homes” is a newly developed residential complex in Estepona, Costa del Sol, consisting of seven blocks with apartments ranging in size from 40 to 110 square metres, each having a terrace and underground parking space.

How many apartments are available in “Atica Homes”?

“Atica Homes” offers a total of 132 apartments, with options of one, two, three, or four bedrooms.

Can you describe the floor plan of a two-bedroom apartment in “Atica Homes”?

In “Atica Homes”, a two-bedroom apartment features a bathroom en suite, an additional bathroom accessible via the hallway, an open-plan dining/living area, and a terrace.

How does a three-bedroom apartment in “Atica Homes” differ from the two-bedroom one?

In the three-bedroom apartment of “Atica Homes”, besides the en suite bathroom and the one off the hallway, it has a closed kitchen and a living/dining room leading to a spacious terrace.

What amenities are provided in the “Atica Homes” residential complex?

The “Atica Homes” complex boasts various amenities like landscaped gardens, a swimming pool, and a playground for residents.

How far are the city centre and the Playa de la Rada from “Atica Homes”?

From “Atica Homes”, both the city centre and Playa de la Rada are conveniently accessible within walking distances of less than 15 and 25 minutes, respectively.

What are some of the benefits of investing in “Atica Homes”?

Choosing “Atica Homes” offers numerous benefits: its perfect location allows for easy access to city, beach, or supermarket; the pricing is competitive starting at € 129,500; the apartments are customizable in terms of floor covering and colour scheme; and the region enjoys sunlight for 320 days a year, making it attractive year-round.

Where exactly is “Atica Homes” located in Estepona?

“Atica Homes” is situated near the Estadio de Fútbol Francisco Muñoz Pérez in Estepona. Given its proximity to the beach and the town, these apartments are ideal for personal use or for renting out to vacationers.

What are some of the equipment features in “Atica Homes” apartments?

Apartments in “Atica Homes” are equipped with features like aerothermic systems, thermostats in the living room, video intercoms, TV/internet connections, security doors, double-glazed windows, and elevators in the complex. Kitchens are available at an extra charge.

How accessible are nearby destinations like Marbella or Benahavís from “Atica Homes”?

From “Atica Homes”, destinations like Marbella or Benahavís are easily accessible, requiring just about 25 minutes of driving.

Equipment at a glance

1-4 bedrooms
Kitchen at extra charge
Thermostat (living room)
Video intercom
Connections for television/internet
Security apartment door
Double glazing (windows)
Elevators (in the complex)
Communal facilities usable

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