Azata Golf Villas

Estepona · Costa del Sol
45 attractive semi-detached and detached villas
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Attractive villas in the green


Framed by the new golf course “Azata Golf”, 34 semi-detached villas and 11 detached villas are being built in the new construction project “Azata Golf Villas” in Estepona. These have – depending on the design – 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2 to 4 bathrooms, kitchen and living room, distributed over two floors. The living areas amount to around 230 to 265 square metres. From the spacious terraces with sizes of around 45 to 55 square metres, you can enjoy the view of the lush green of the golf course and surrounding lakes. The semi-detached villas also have a cellar and some of the villas provide a sea view.

In addition, you have the option to add extras for an extra charge. For example, you can have your villa fitted with a fitted kitchen, glass balustrades and – on its spacious plot – a private swimming pool. Of course, you can also use the communal pool on the Azata Golf Villa grounds.

Your investment in Azata Golf Villas

Why you should choose one of the “Azata Golf Villas”
Excellent location
The villas are located in a sought-after area, only 7 kilometres from Estepona’s city centre. In the surrounding area, you therefore benefit from a very good infrastructure with restaurants, supermarkets and leisure facilities.
Golfer’s Paradise
Azata Golf”, a new golf course designed by Sterling & Martin, has been built in Estepona. The “Azata Golf Villas” are located in the middle of the 18-hole course, where you can quickly play a game or enjoy the view of the green.
Simple colour scheme
The tiles in the semi-detached villas and detached villas are kept in shades of cream and mocha. These simple colours ensure that many pieces of furniture fit into the villas and you do not have to limit yourself in your choice.
Individual furnishings
In your future home, you can not only choose between villas with 3 or 4 bedrooms, but also add extras. If you wish, you can integrate a fitted kitchen, glass balustrades and a private outdoor swimming pool in your Azata Golf Villa.

Where is „Azata Golf Villas“?

The Azata Golf Villas are located in Estepona between the Estepona Golf Club and the “Valle Romano Golf” course. The villas themselves are also in the middle of a golf area: the newly built “Azata Golf Course”. However, they are not only suitable for golf lovers, but also for all those who love nature and yet do not want to be far from the city. Thus, the golf course offers green spaces and at Playa Arroyo Vaquero, which you can reach in a driving time of only 8 minutes, you can naturally enjoy the sea. Estepona’s city centre is also a short 10-minute drive away. Benahavís and Marbella are approximately 27 and 31 minutes by car respectively.

Azata Golf Villas

FAQs about Azata Golf Villas

Where are the “Azata Golf Villas” located?

The “Azata Golf Villas” are situated in Estepona, between the Estepona Golf Club and the “Valle Romano Golf” course, and are directly surrounded by the newly constructed “Azata Golf Course”.

How many villas are available in the “Azata Golf Villas” project?

The “Azata Golf Villas” project consists of 45 attractive villas, of which 34 are semi-detached and 11 are detached.

What is the size range of the villas in “Azata Golf Villas”?

The living areas of the “Azata Golf Villas” range from approximately 230 to 265 square meters, with spacious terraces measuring around 45 to 55 square meters.

Do the “Azata Golf Villas” offer views of the surrounding environment?

Yes, from the “Azata Golf Villas”, residents can relish the views of the lush green golf course, nearby lakes, and some villas even provide a captivating sea view.

What amenities are available to the residents of “Azata Golf Villas”?

The “Azata Golf Villas” offer amenities such as TV and telephone connections, electric shutters, air conditioning, and optional features like fitted kitchens, private pools, and glass balustrades. Additionally, there is a community pool on the grounds.

How is the location advantageous for “Azata Golf Villas” residents in terms of infrastructure?

The “Azata Golf Villas” are strategically located just 7 kilometers from Estepona’s city center, ensuring residents benefit from a robust infrastructure with nearby restaurants, supermarkets, and leisure facilities.

Why is “Azata Golf Villas” considered a paradise for golfers?

The “Azata Golf Villas” are nestled in the heart of the 18-hole “Azata Golf” course designed by Sterling & Martin, allowing golf enthusiasts to swiftly indulge in a game or simply enjoy the picturesque views of the green.

Can homeowners customize their villa in “Azata Golf Villas”?

Absolutely! Residents of “Azata Golf Villas” have the flexibility to choose villas with 3 or 4 bedrooms and can also add extras like fitted kitchens, glass balustrades, and private outdoor swimming pools, tailoring their home to their preferences.

What color schemes are prominent in the “Azata Golf Villas”?

The “Azata Golf Villas” feature tiles in shades of cream and mocha, ensuring a versatile backdrop that complements a wide range of furniture and décor choices.

How far are popular destinations like Benahavís and Marbella from “Azata Golf Villas”?

From the “Azata Golf Villas”, Benahavís is roughly a 27-minute drive, and Marbella can be reached in approximately 31 minutes by car.

Equipment at a glance

TV connections
Telephone connections
Electric shutters
Air conditioning
Tiles in cream and mocha
Double glazing (window)
Fitted kitchen (optional)
Private pool (optional)
Glass balustrade (optional)
Community pool

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