La Finca de Marbella 2

Marbella · Costa del Sol
35 modern villas
Purchase prices from € 1,325,000

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“La Finca de Marbella 2” is the continuation of the popular “La Finca de Marbella” in Rio Real in Marbella. In this central and quiet residential area, characterised by olive groves, pine trees, beaches, dunes and the sea, 35 more luxury villas are currently being built. Each of them has four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen with high-quality brand-name appliances. When it comes to the kitchen, you can choose between four options: an open kitchen, a kitchen with a bar, a closed kitchen or a central kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling glass fronts create an optimal connection between the interior of the villa, the terrace and the surroundings.

The impressive IRIKO-style villas have their own beautifully landscaped garden, a private swimming pool and a 30 square metre carport.

Your investment in La Finca de Marbella 2

Why you should choose “La Finca de Marbella 2“
Fantastic location
Many plots have a south-west orientation with views of Marbella, the sea as well as the Pico de la Concha, the shell peak. On clear days you can see Gibraltar as well as Africa.
Perfect concept
The Iroko-style villa is open and spacious. Thanks to the large glass fronts, you not only have a perfect view of your landscaped garden, but also of the surroundings.
More Life and Style
The surrounding area is as famous for its luxury hotels, championship golf courses and boutiques as it is for the sea, valleys and mountains. Enjoy the wonderful diversity in your new home.
Andalusia’s sun
On the Costa de Sol, the sun shines more than 300 days a year, yet the climate is pleasantly mild – the perfect weather for a beach trip, a mountain hike or a shopping tour.

Where is La Finca de Marbella 2?

„La Finca de Marbella 2″ is located in Rio Real in Marbella, in a central and quiet residential area. With the previous project “La Finca Marbella”, 43 modern and contemporary luxury villas with private pools surrounded by beautiful gardens have already been built on site. The aim of the new construction project and its continuation is to optimally integrate the modern design of the villas into the surroundings with beautiful mountain scenery and traditional olive groves. The Playa de San Pedro de Alcántra can be reached in 5 minutes by car, Marbella’s city centre in about 13 minutes and Estepona in about 18 minutes.

La Finca de Marbella 2

FAQs about La Finca de Marbella 2

What is La Finca de Marbella 2?

La Finca de Marbella 2 is a continuation of the renowned “La Finca de Marbella” located in Rio Real, Marbella. It’s a luxurious residential development comprising 35 modern villas set amidst a serene environment characterised by olive groves, beaches, and the sea.

Where exactly is La Finca de Marbella 2 located?

La Finca de Marbella 2 is situated in a central and tranquil residential area in Rio Real, Marbella. The location provides easy access to the Playa de San Pedro de Alcántra, Marbella’s city centre, and Estepona.

How are the villas in La Finca de Marbella 2 designed?

The villas in La Finca de Marbella 2, designed in the impressive IRIKO style, boast four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a fully customizable kitchen. They feature floor-to-ceiling glass fronts, connecting the villa’s interiors seamlessly with the terrace and surroundings.

What amenities do the villas offer?

Each villa in La Finca de Marbella 2 comes with its own beautifully landscaped garden, a private 8x4m swimming pool, and a 30 square metre carport.

Can homeowners customize their kitchens?

Absolutely! At La Finca de Marbella 2, homeowners have the liberty to choose among four kitchen layouts: an open kitchen, one with a bar, a closed kitchen, or a central kitchen setup.

What unique selling points does La Finca de Marbella 2 boast?

La Finca de Marbella 2 stands out for its fantastic location, offering views of Marbella, the sea, the Pico de la Concha, and on clear days, even Gibraltar and Africa. The Iroko-style design ensures openness and provides breathtaking views of the garden and the surroundings.

What recreational activities can residents enjoy near La Finca de Marbella 2?

The area surrounding La Finca de Marbella 2 is renowned for its luxury hotels, championship golf courses, and boutiques. Residents can relish the diverse experiences, be it the sea, valleys, mountains, or shopping and dining options.

How does the climate favour residents of La Finca de Marbella 2?

At La Finca de Marbella 2, residents can enjoy over 300 days of sunshine every year, with the Costa de Sol providing a mild climate, perfect for beach trips, mountain hikes, or shopping tours.

What equipment and fittings come standard with a villa in La Finca de Marbella 2?

Villas in La Finca de Marbella 2 are equipped with high-end amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning with a heat pump, electric underfloor heating, access control, premium bathroom fittings, an inverted roof, double glazing windows, a lifting and sliding system for doors, and a beautifully landscaped garden.

Why should someone consider purchasing a villa in La Finca de Marbella 2?

Investing in La Finca de Marbella 2 offers not only a luxurious residence but also an unique blend of modern design seamlessly integrated with the picturesque surroundings of mountains and olive groves. It promises a tranquil yet central location with all modern amenities at one’s doorstep.

Equipment at a glance

Fully equipped kitchen
Air conditioning with heat pump
Electric underfloor heating
Access control (Fermax)
Bathroom fittings (Villeroy & Boch)
Inverted roof
Swimming pool (8×4 m)
Double glazing (windows)
Lifting and sliding system (doors)
Landscaped garden

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