Marein Atalaya Banus

Marbella · Costa del Sol
Spectacular villa on the New Golden Mile
Purchase price € 2,895,000

Design your luxury villa


“Marein Atalaya Banus” offers you the opportunity to individually design your personal dream villa in the middle of the New Golden Mile. After signing the purchase contract, you will receive this dreamlike luxury property with several bedrooms and bathrooms, terrace and upscale furnishings within 18 months.

For example, the master bedroom features a walk-in wardrobe with LED lighting, the bathrooms captivate with beautiful walnut wood cabinets and the kitchen from renowned manufacturers such as SieMatic or Doca is already fully equipped. Household appliances from the electrical appliance manufacturer Bora are also already integrated.

Your investment in Marein Atalaya Banus

Why you should choose the villa “Marein Atalaya Banus“
Excellent location
The “Villa Atalaya Banus” is located in one of the best residential areas on the New Golden Mile as well as it is close to Marbella and Puerto Banús with its numerous restaurants and boutiques.
High-quality furnishings
Do you love functionality in a high end location? Then you should invest in the “Villa Atalaya Banus”. Among other things, the villa has a lift for six people and a pool of over 60 square metres.
More Life and Style
The well-known New Golden Mile is located between Marbella and Estepona. Take a look at the old town centre with the historic town hall, sculptures by Salvador Dalí or the Torre Ladrones.
Andalusia’s sun
320 days of sunshine per year, beautiful beaches and the turquoise sea – if you make the Costa del Sol your new home, you will benefit from these advantages and won’t want to miss them again.

Where is “Marein Atalaya Banus”?

The villa “Marein Atalaya Banus” is located on the New Golden Mile near Puerto Banús. The residence is perfect for you if you want to stay in a private and quiet location and still enjoy the high-society life. How about a shopping trip to one of the designer shops or one of the luxury restaurants at the nearby harbour? In Marbella itself, you can visit the beautiful old town and the Plaza de los Naranjos and immerse yourself in Mediterranean life. Do you fancy the sea, shopping and above all the Spanish attitude to life with wine, tapas and siesta? Then make Marbella your new home!

Marein Atalaya Banus

FAQs about Marein Atalaya Banus

What is special about Marein Atalaya Banus?

Marein Atalaya Banus offers a unique opportunity for buyers to personally design their luxury dream villa on the New Golden Mile, ensuring an individualized property tailored to their preferences.

How long will it take to get the Marein Atalaya Banus villa once the purchase contract is signed?

After signing the purchase contract for Marein Atalaya Banus, you can expect to receive your customized luxury property within 18 months.

What are some standout features within the Marein Atalaya Banus?

Inside Marein Atalaya Banus, features include a master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe enhanced by LED lighting, bathrooms with elegant walnut wood cabinets, and a fully equipped kitchen from renowned brands such as SieMatic or Doca.

Are there any integrated household appliances in Marein Atalaya Banus?

Yes, Marein Atalaya Banus comes with integrated household appliances from the premium electrical appliance brand, Bora.

What makes the location of Marein Atalaya Banus desirable?

Marein Atalaya Banus is situated in one of the best residential areas on the New Golden Mile, conveniently close to Marbella and Puerto Banús, known for their numerous upscale restaurants and boutiques.

What can potential buyers anticipate in terms of luxury amenities at Marein Atalaya Banus?

Marein Atalaya Banus boasts high-quality amenities such as a spacious six-person lift and an expansive pool measuring over 60 square metres.

Why is the New Golden Mile region significant for Marein Atalaya Banus residents?

The New Golden Mile, where Marein Atalaya Banus is located, sits between Marbella and Estepona and features attractions like the historic town hall, Salvador Dalí sculptures, and the Torre Ladrones, presenting a blend of history and modern luxury.

How does living in Marein Atalaya Banus connect residents with Andalusian culture and nature?

Residing in Marein Atalaya Banus lets inhabitants enjoy 320 sunlit days annually, stunning beaches, the turquoise sea, and the vibrant Spanish lifestyle characterized by wine, tapas, and siesta, encapsulating the essence of the Costa del Sol.

What lifestyle opportunities does the proximity of Marein Atalaya Banus to Marbella offer?

Marein Atalaya Banus, situated close to Marbella, allows residents to experience Mediterranean life to the fullest, from exploring Marbella’s charming old town and Plaza de los Naranjos to indulging in wine, tapas, and siestas.

What advantages does living in Marein Atalaya Banus provide for those fond of high-society life?

Marein Atalaya Banus is ideal for those who cherish privacy yet want to partake in the high-society lifestyle, with easy access to designer shops, luxury restaurants at Puerto Banús, and the vibrant cultural scene of Marbella.

Equipment at a glance

Roof terrace
Swimming pool
Double glazing
Fenced area
Porcelain tiles
Underfloor heating
Air conditioning
Heat and sound insulation
Video intercom system

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