Marein Guadalmina Baja

Guadalmina Baja, San Pedro de Alcántara · Costa del Sol
Exclusive villa in fabulous location
Purchase price from € 1,950,000

Exclusive living on the New Golden Mile


Four bedrooms, five bathrooms and an extremely spacious living and dining area – these are the impressive features of the luxury villa “Marein Guadalmina Baja” on a plot of over 1,000 square metres. A beautiful garden, a swimming pool and a 230 square metre terrace invite you to relax outside. Inside, the villa has an open designer kitchen equipped with high-quality appliances. The bathrooms also impress with comfortable fittings such as illuminated mirrors or showers with non-slip flooring.

Are you looking for a property that meets the highest standards and offers you plenty of privacy? Then this villa is just right for you. You can also enjoy the sunny and mild climate that Spain is known for. Or go for a walk in the surrounding area, which is home to some of Marbella’s most luxurious villas. It takes 18 months from the signing of the purchase contract to the completion of the villa.

Your Investment in Marein Guadalmina Baja

Why you should choose the villa “Marein Guadalmina Baja“
Excellent location
The villa “Marein Guadalmina Baja” is located in the residential area Guadalmina Baja in San Pedro de Alcántara, which is considered a sought after location for international investors.
Andalusia’s sun
Far away from hectic tourist centres, residents enjoy their private paradise in a year-round sunny and at the same time mild climate and can golf, hike or walk on the beach almost all year round.
Spacious property
Villa Marein Guadalmina Baja is not only for those who enjoy luxury in a great location, but also for garden lovers. Enjoy the privacy of your green oasis on a plot of over 1,000 square metres.
Golfer’s paradise
How about a game of golf? Only about two kilometres away from Villa Marein Guadalmina Baja is the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina. In addition there are 70 amazing Golf courses with different levels closeby.

Where is “Marein Guadalmina Baja”?

The villa “Marein Guadalmina Baja” is located around 14 kilometres from Marbella in Guadalmina Baja, San Pedro de Alcántara. You can stroll along the San Pedro Alcántara boulevard, take a look at the Iglesia de San Pedro or visit Playa San Pedro, among other things. If you would like to make an excursion to Marbella, you will be there in about fifteen minutes by car. In Marbella, you can see the old town, visit one of the exclusive restaurants or luxury shops at Puerto Banús or relax in the Alameda Park, which is around 20,000 square metres and features plants such as fici.

Marein Guadalmina Baja

FAQs about Marein Guadalmina Baja

Where is Marein Guadalmina Baja located?

Marein Guadalmina Baja is an exclusive villa located in Guadalmina Baja, San Pedro de Alcántara on the Costa del Sol.

Can you provide a brief overview of the space and features of Marein Guadalmina Baja?

Marein Guadalmina Baja offers four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a vast living and dining area. Set on a plot exceeding 1,000 square metres, it also boasts a beautiful garden, swimming pool, and a 230 square metre terrace.

What can potential buyers expect from the interiors of Marein Guadalmina Baja?

Inside Marein Guadalmina Baja, residents will find an open designer kitchen fitted with top-notch appliances and bathrooms with amenities like illuminated mirrors and non-slip floored showers.

How does Marein Guadalmina Baja ensure the comfort and luxury of its residents?

Marein Guadalmina Baja is designed for those who prioritize privacy, luxury, and comfort, offering a serene environment complemented by Spain’s sunny and mild climate.

What notable locations surround Marein Guadalmina Baja?

Marein Guadalmina Baja is surrounded by some of Marbella’s most opulent villas and is a mere 14 kilometres from Marbella, close to attractions like the San Pedro Alcántara boulevard, Iglesia de San Pedro, and Playa San Pedro.

Why should investors consider Marein Guadalmina Baja?

Investing in Marein Guadalmina Baja is ideal due to its sought-after location in the residential area of Guadalmina Baja in San Pedro de Alcántara, which is favored by international investors.

What outdoor activities can residents of Marein Guadalmina Baja enjoy?

Residents of Marein Guadalmina Baja can relish the year-round sunny and mild climate, partake in golfing with over 70 courses nearby, including the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina just two kilometres away, or walk along the beach.

How spacious is the plot on which Marein Guadalmina Baja is built?

Marein Guadalmina Baja is situated on a generously sized plot of over 1,000 square metres, offering ample space and privacy for garden enthusiasts.

Which state-of-the-art equipment features does Marein Guadalmina Baja provide?

Marein Guadalmina Baja is equipped with modern amenities such as underfloor heating, air conditioning, house control systems, a lift, and a video intercom system.

How long does it take to complete the Marein Guadalmina Baja villa after signing the purchase contract?

From the signing of the purchase contract, it takes about 18 months to finalize and complete the Marein Guadalmina Baja villa.

Equipment at a glance

Swimming pool
Fully equipped kitchen
Heat and sound insulation
Air conditioning
Underfloor heating
House control
Video intercom system

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