The Island

Estepona · Costa del Sol
50 modern luxury townhouses with private roof terrace, whirlpool and absolute privacy
Purchase prices from € 2,290,000

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The sea on your doorstep

The ambitious project The Island combines 50 modern luxury townhouses in one of the most sought-after locations on the Costa del Sol. The residences are situated in a quiet location, yet in the immediate vicinity of all the advantages of the Mediterranean lifestyle. They convince with their exclusive design, upscale furnishings and direct access to the beach with a fantastic view of the Mediterranean.

In addition to the exquisite furnishings and elegant design of each of the luxury houses, the interplay with natural light has been given particular attention. Open kitchens, private roof terraces with whirlpools and a fireplace are among the special extras of these residences.

Your investment in The Island

Why you should choose a residence in “The Island”
Excellent location
The location of The Island is unique – close to the cities of Estepona, Porto Banús and Marbella and at the same time the beautiful Mediterranean Sea right on your doorstep.
Attractive price
Properties of high quality are currently in high demand throughout the Costa del Sol. Apartments in The Island offer an optimal price/performance ratio due to their location and equipment.
Experience more
In addition to numerous leisure activities in the surrounding cities, you can enjoy a unique lifestyle in the hotel’s own SPA, the spacious pool area or on your own roof terrace.
Andalusia´s sun
Far away from hectic tourist centres, residents enjoy their private paradise in a sunny and mild climate all year round and can golf, hike or walk on the beach almost all year round.

Where’s The Island?

The Island is located in the exclusive western outskirts of Estepona – the Garden of Andalusia. The picturesque and vibrant city is one of the few places on the Costa del Sol that, despite all the amenities of the Mediterranean lifestyle, still lives authenticity. Due to the optimal connection to the A7/AP7, supermarkets, schools, golf courses, hospitals or also attractive hotspots like Porto Banus, Marbella as well as the sophisticated harbour of Sotogrande with numerous shopping possibilities can be reached within a short time.

The Island

FAQs about The Island

What is The Island in the context of real estate?

The Island refers to an ambitious project that comprises 50 modern luxury townhouses on the Costa del Sol in Estepona, characterized by their exclusive design, upscale furnishings, and direct beach access with a mesmerizing view of the Mediterranean.

Where is The Island located?

The Island is situated in the exclusive western outskirts of Estepona, known as the Garden of Andalusia, which retains its authentic Mediterranean charm while offering all modern conveniences.

What makes the residences at The Island unique in design?

Residences at The Island boast an exquisite blend of elegant design and natural light optimization. Special features include open kitchens, private roof terraces with whirlpools, and fireplaces.

How does The Island promise an exceptional living experience?

Apart from the luxurious interiors, residents of The Island can indulge in numerous leisure activities, enjoy the hotel’s own SPA, a vast pool area, or relax on their private roof terraces, all under the comforting embrace of Andalusia’s sun.

What is the price range for properties at The Island?

Townhouses at The Island start from a purchase price of € 2,290,000, offering an optimal price-to-quality ratio given their prime location and high-end amenities.

Why should one invest in a residence at The Island?

Choosing a residence at The Island provides an excellent location close to Estepona, Porto Banús, and Marbella, high-demand properties with an attractive price point, and an unparalleled Mediterranean lifestyle with a unique range of amenities and experiences.

How does The Island connect to other notable places in the region?

The Island’s prime location ensures easy access to essential facilities like supermarkets, schools, golf courses, and hospitals. Furthermore, hotspots such as Porto Banus, Marbella, and the upscale Sotogrande harbor with shopping options are swiftly reachable due to the optimal connection to the A7/AP7.

What amenities are standard for residences in The Island?

Residences in The Island are equipped with amenities like air conditioning, underfloor heating, open kitchens, private roof terraces with whirlpools, modern building technology, solariums, lifts, underground parking, and storage rooms.

Is there any particular attention given to privacy at The Island?

Absolutely, residences at The Island are designed to ensure absolute privacy, providing residents with their own private paradise away from the bustling tourist centers, while still having the sea right on their doorstep.

How does the surrounding environment complement The Island residences?

The Island is enveloped by the serene beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the vibrant, authentic ambiance of Estepona. This combination offers residents a harmonious blend of luxury living and the charm of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Equipment at a glance

Air conditioning
Underfloor heating
Open kitchen
Private roof terrace with whirlpool
Modern building technology
Underground car park
Storage rooms

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